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Tiago Rizzi
Youth Ministry
G8/G20YS Paris

The experience in the G20 Youth Summit 2011 went far beyond my expectations. Besides being a very productive and enjoyable event, it was very important for my professional and academic life. Global Attitude provided us with a unique and excellent opportunity anticipating the new educational models for the future. The Summit’s negotiations took place in various subjects, such as economics, political science, international security, international law, etc.. I could see the importance of the Summit to my professional formation to in various fields, with emphasis on international contacts that I have established with potential future leaders in multinational companies or even in the governments of their respective countries. Learning and teaching about your country truly creates very strong bonds. I believe it was with some of the most important values that Global Attitude bet on that idea, which favours gain visibility in the future – these are the primary contacts for possible cooperation between nations, both academically and professionally.


I had the opportunity to make great friendships with representatives of the Japanese delegation (which encouraged me to apply for masters Degree in Japan), Australia which I still share academic papers and references on China, and with various representatives of India, of which I share to date articles on science and technology. It was very interesting to experience in real life what we studied for four years while polishing our interpersonal skills. Moreover, it is worth mentioning having the ability to handle cultural differences is a very important asset to anyone with international ambitions – and I had the chance to see this at first hand.


I’ve learned a lot about culture and how the youth of other countries have a very strong political participation compared to Brazilians. It is in this vacuum that Global Attitude finds its place, thus being an agent of change and an institution that provide the tools for youth develop and form their own opinions. To take part in discussions on issues that affect not only our society, but the world as a whole, it is laying the foundations of a world that we want for us and future generations.


Compromises, attainments, global vision, cooperation, responsibility, are just some of the words that define what lessons could be drawn from this experience. The responsibility of representing your country is an experience that goes beyond the individual. I commend those who can participate in future Summits – they will have one of the best academic and personal experiences of their lifetime.


Tiago Rizzi acted as Economy Minister in the Brazilian Delegation to the G8/G20 Youth Summit, held in 2011 in Paris, France.

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